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Sonia Kaur
Welcome to Gravesend Electrolysis & Laser Clinic. Excessive hair can be a real source of embarrassment, luckily we now have treatments that can permanently stop this cycle, whether you are male or female laser or electrolysis will provide you with great results at affordable prices. 

I am a qualified electrologist) and laser therapist (training undertaken with Chromogenex), who has gained close to ten years of experience within the beauty industry. I love my job and find client satisfaction very rewarding. Knowledge is key in this industry, hence why I regularly attend seminars to ensure my techniques are constantly up to date.    

There are many reasons for excessive hair growth such as polycystic ovaries, hormonal imbalance, ethnicity, medication and the list goes on. The good news is there is a solution which will give you lifelong results. During your initial consultation I will give you information on the treatment that you will require and also a patch test.

 Apilus Platinum Electrolysis
After more than 135 years, electrolysis still remains the only 100% effective method of permanent hair removal for all skin and hair types. Other Hair removal methods currently offered on the market , such as laser, are applied to the skin surface and detect the hair thanks to its pigmentation (colour). However, for effective hair reduction these methods require a strong contrast between the skin colour (light) and the hair colour (dark). Electrolysis on the other hand directly targets the hair follicle from the inside, leading to a complete destruction of the the cells responsible for hair growth while protecting the skin surface.

Apilus Platinum 27 Mhz Technology

The world exclusive design of the Apilus Platinum uses the ultrrapid 27 Mhz frequency to permanently destroy all hair types. The Apilus Platinum works twice as fast as any other epilator by optimizing energy concentration in the hair follicle. The cells responsible for hair growth coagulate more quickly, resulting in incomparable effectiveness and comfort.

Apilus computerized epilators use advanced technology that has stood the test of time. For more than 25 years .

Unrivalled comfort 

Thanks to the ultarrapid 27 Mhz frequency, the pPcoflash mode of the Apilus Platinum effectively targets a hair to destroy it while offering comfort never before seen in permanent hair removal. The Picoflash current ,exclusive to the Apilus Platinum is so quick and so concentrated that treatments are barely perceptible. Just a few thousandths of a second suffice to completely eliminate the hair! Thus , with its Picoflash mode the Apilus platinum is the ideal solution for comfortable permanent hair removal, whether on the face or any other area of the body. 

Laser  Hair Removal
Laser hair removal works by emitting a controlled heat source via a beam (or beams) of light, which is selectively absorbed by the melanin (pigment). This then damages the root disabling its activity and long term results. 
Generally laser treatments are very quick and large areas can take as little as 30 minutes. Between 4 and 8 treatments are required as hair growth stages play a key role in follicle destruction. However, this is dependent on the individual some may require less others more.   

The treatment is gentle and non evasive-clients often describe the sensation between slight warmth or tingling and ice packs are used before during and after treatments for added comfort. 

If you have any medical issues which may cause excess growth of hair you could be eligible for a discount, so please ensure you have a doctor’s note to confirm this. We also offer discounts if you are retired. Please contact me for further information on the above.