Kent's No.1 Permanent Hair Removal Clinic  - Hair Removal Specialist
Welcome to The Gravesend Electrolysis Clinic. 

Excessive hair can be a real source of embarrassment, luckily we now have treatments that can permanently stop this cycle. 

Whether you are male or female electrolysis will provide you with great results at affordable prices and most importantly the results are permanent unlike other hair removal methods.    

The clinic is private yet comfortable. You will receive a professional and comfortable service by an advanced qualified electrologist.
Your initial treatment will consist of a patch test, medical questionnaire and skin analysis. You will then be able to start treatment after 48 hours. 
The equipment used is the Apilus Platinum Pure which is the most advanced machine in the industry. Providing excellent comfort and permanent results at a higher speed, which will save you time and money!.Electrolysis can be used
on Any area of the body and All skin types.

Electrolysis vs.Laser

After more than 135 years, electrolysis still remains the only 100% effective method of permanent hair removal for all skin and hair types. 
Other Hair removal methods currently offered on the market, such as laser, are applied to the skin surface and detect the hair thanks to its pigmentation (colour). 
However, for effective hair reduction these methods require a strong contrast between the skin colour (light) and the hair colour (dark).
Electrolysis on the other hand directly targets the hair follicle from the inside, leading to a complete destruction of the the cells responsible for hair growth while protecting the skin surface.

Gravesend electrolysis clinic offers you

  • Permanent results guaranteed
  • Free weekend parking and free after 6pm weekdays (3 car parks within 30 metres of the clinic)
  • Block course discounts (buy 5 get the 6th free)
  • 10% discount for over 60s, students or persons with medical issues
  • Before and after pictures (optional)
  • Flexible opening times (8am to 9pm including weekends)
  • Cash or card payments accepted
  • Treatment with the most advanced machine in the industry
  • A treatment plan and advice by a certified electrologist